Weekly#9: Old Facebook and Amazon, Thank You!

I open my eyes on Friday morning and oh, no… Sore throat, sneezing, running nose, cough and temperature. Happy post-Thanksgiving!

Back under my warm blanket, I start reconsidering my Black Friday plans.  That does not work and I continue sleeping like a sick baby for half a day.

Then, I just give up and go online to my Facebook account.  And guess what, News Feed is full of updates starting from Wall Street Journal to Ad Age, Amazon and Bathandbodyworks, you name it.  Viva the Like tab!  My News Feed looks like the compilation of reminders especially crucial while crisis like being sick on Thanksgiving. I read news, go to the needed websites to read more, get special offers and get updates from friends.  It even reminded me about Mike‘s favorite t-shirt community Threadless sale and got my t-shirt!!!  Facebook News Feed – all in one.  And why bother to go out, when Black Friday deals are online now? You can save so much time then to donate it!

The other website I am thankful is Amazon. Today in the morning I received printer paper, lamp for my Kindle, textbooks, blue (!) elephant for my kid, some specific cartridge for printer, vitamins, and so many other things that I need and would spend tons of time goings to the shops or ordering them from different websites.  The most important thing in Amazon is the power of communities and feedbacks they leave about the subject you are interested in.  This is not just sentences with five words in them.  When I was choosing my electronic reader, I went to many sources looking for other options than Kindle.  The most convincing were still products reviews with comparison to Nook under the Kindle on Amazon.  Moreover, Amazon loves students and gives a complimentary prime-membership with speedy delivery.  Who does not love and thank Amazon after that?


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