Response Blog#2: About How We Stop Being the Little Princes

All grown-ups were children first. (But few remember it.)
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

Everybody lies.
Gregory House, M.D., House

After reading Ashley‘s Review of “The Social Network” I thought of the recent movies I have watched that have been outspoken.

So, temptation I have been fighting against since 2004 took over me and I started watching the medical drama House.  I just became so surrounded with “Housomania” that I decided “just to have a look.”  That is how everything starts.  Besides for becoming over concerned about any tiny movement in my body now after seeing too much episodes on complicated medical cases and my wasted time, I keep thinking of the reasons why the drama became so popular.

For those, who has not seen the drama yet, I would describe Dr. House as manipulative, cynical narcissist and a genius diagnostician.  House likes loneliness, loves his job, has a tragic love story and sometimes does good things for people by curing them mostly out of curiosity.  Creators of House used many of Sherlock Holmes‘ features during the movie such as a presence of a close friend, having drug-addiction and use of deductive method.  From the point of view of a marketer, House‘s creators succeeded in finding an unconscious code in the brain of the customers — spectators and this makes Dr. House one of America’s favorite Prime Time characters.  Market researcher Clotaire Rapaille opines that every word has a mental highway, which he calls an unconscious code in the brain.  After watching House and events going on around the main character, spectators end up with loving Gregory House, mainly because this character is an unconscious code in their minds.  Because, we live in a world packed up with Gregory Houses or we are actually Gregory House ourselves.

But how did House look like when he was a child? Maybe just like all of used to look like, similar to the Little Prince? This character, created by a famous French aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupéry in 1943 while he lived in the United States, had always been a symbol of humanity and people’s real nature.  The biggest selling French-language book and one of the bestselling books ever, The Little Prince talks about how people should be in a simple language.

The first page of The Little Prince has a drawing of the hat.  I am sure that when I opened the book for the first time in my childhood, I thought that it actually was an elephant.  Later, when I grew up, I always saw the hat.  So would House do.  How come we, being the Little Princes, grow up into Dr. Houses? Is it the environment changing people or it is the way people become mature?


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