What I feel now

Since I joined one community, I am entirely pissed off being disappointed in my abilites in the certain area that I wanted to be prossessional in.  I am scared, I am too new and I too far from those people, who do it on the master level.  I am honest — I am scared.

Nevertheless, I am not giving up and my desire to pursue my dream is rapidly growing.  Unless someone who I really respect doesn’t tell: "Look, you are one bull…t and you have neither talent nor ability to do this.  You’ve gotta stop."   

As I meet new people, who are so much better and skilled from those that I have known so far in this sphere (oh, there is no way even to compare,) my fear is growing into the strongest willingness to work harder.  Thus, making my life full of new plans and goals.  That’s what I feel now.